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Richard T. Walker view portfolio
let htis be us
single channel video installation 7min 44sec
Julia Fish view portfolio
Living Rooms: North - Two, with lights, action
Oil on canvas 32.5 x 23.75 i...
Rachel Hecker view portfolio
Mon., Nov. 21
38" x 29"
Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier view portfolio
Agan for Morgan County
Fabric, wood, objects Appx. 96"
Jeanne Friscia view portfolio
Untitled (Marnie's Mac)
ambrotype 10 x 8 in.
Moses Nornberg view portfolio
American Dream: We Like the Cars That Go BOOM!
Mixed media life size
William O'Brien view portfolio
Cinaedus Table, MDCCLXXV
Glazed ceramic, found objects, plaster, unfired cl...
Lynne McCabe view portfolio
Barry McGee view portfolio
gouache and latex on panels 45 1/2 x 66
Clare Rojas view portfolio
Installation view, Deitch Projects
Wesley Heiss view portfolio
steel, rusted car, paint, motor, electronics, dining room chairs varia...
Howie Cherman view portfolio
vacuuming the vacuum
Color with sound, DVD loop of 7:38 piece (Video docum...
Rocio Rodriguez view portfolio
Off The Wall
72 x 82.5
Judy Ledgerwood view portfolio
acrylic+oil+metallic oil on canvas 60x60 inches
Don Cooper view portfolio
Innerspace: Carbon
acrylic on synthetic paper 60 in. x 60 in.
Andreas Fischer view portfolio
Sunday Best
oil 12" x 9"
Jason Villegas view portfolio
Black Lacoste Soft Tank
faux fur, clothing, silkscreen cardboard 26" x 36...
Karyn Olivier view portfolio
Doube Slide
Steel 84" x 25' x 22"
Benjamin Stone view portfolio
Gerry Bergstein view portfolio
Theory and Practice
14x12x5" oill and mixed media
Cecil McDonald, Jr. view portfolio
afternoon picnic (she's sometimes embarrassed by me)
archival ink jet prin...
Victor Cartegena view portfolio
tatuajes de la memoria
fotografia/installation / and Broken Chair 11 x 18 ...
Caleb Cole view portfolio
The Pink Kitchen
Archival Inkjet Print 13x19 inches
2008 from the serie...
Kara Maria view portfolio
Double Life
acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 inches
Accra Shepp view portfolio
Looking toward LaGuardia Airport
ink jet print 120 x 24 (inches)
Tony Tredway view portfolio
Installation, ultralight mdf, plastic laminate and plastic
Joseph Ives view portfolio
Column / Chair
Altered chair structure, custom made slip cover, wood, plast...
J Hill view portfolio
Fireplace for small space
60" x 72" x 12" wood
Mequitta Ahuja view portfolio
60"X50" Oil on Canvas
Amita Bhatt view portfolio
A Fantastic Collision of The Three Worlds # XXV
Charcoal on Canvas 2013
Richard Rezac view portfolio
Untitled (07-10)
20 x 32.5 x 1" painted wood
Karen Reimer view portfolio
Endless Set, #23 and #29
piecing and applique on white cotton pillowcase 30...
Frederick Hayes view portfolio
A Pregnant Moment
Wood, tin, metal, plastic, screws, nails, paint, 63 x 2...
Carol Jackson view portfolio
Joseph Grigely view portfolio
We're Drunken Bantering About What's Important in Life
ink and pencil on ...
Travis Somerville view portfolio
Choir Robe 1
Acrylic, found photograph on paper 31 x 26
Collection of SF...