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Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger view portfolio
Marisa Hernandez view portfolio
Space Blossom
9 "x 5" x 5"
Rachel Cook view portfolio
Dancing with Myself
Performance in conjunction with i just want to feel so...
Jason Kofke view portfolio
Everything Will Be OK, 5000
ink in Mead Composition Book 7.25
Tony Tredway view portfolio
Installation, ultralight mdf, plastic laminate and plastic
Melika Bass view portfolio
Songs from the Shed
16mm to video, 22 mins., sound, no dialogue
Zach Moser view portfolio
Document of Beat Shop, 2005
Lauren Kelley view portfolio
Still from Get the Bones from 88 Jones
Singel chanel video 6 min. 26 sec.
Catherine Wagner view portfolio
Lambda print 63 x 27.5"
Matthew Sontheimer view portfolio
A New Window
Mixed media 14 x 20 inches
Phyllis Bramson view portfolio
Courtship Rituals (Happiness, Even After)
mm/oii on canvas 70x60
Rosana Castrillo Díaz view portfolio
Acrylic and mica on wall site-specific permanent installation
Joe Baldwin view portfolio
Owl with Shadow
50" x 40"
Havel Ruck Projects view portfolio
Trenton Hancock view portfolio
Cult Jam
Mixed media on canvas 50" x 50"
Joseph Ives view portfolio
Column / Chair
Altered chair structure, custom made slip cover, wood, plast...
Michael Light view portfolio
Barney's Canyon Gold Mine, Near Bingham Canyon, UT
Hand-made book, box, tr...
Dianna Frid view portfolio
Dianna Frid Studio
Photographed by Tom VanEynde
October 2013

Brion Nuda Rosch view portfolio
Portrait 107
Acrylic, paper 16 ½ x 15 inches
Mary Patten view portfolio
4 channel video installation, 4 silkscreen monoprints, wall drawing, ...
Bill Davenport view portfolio
Spiderman Mask
crocheted acrylic yarn variable, depending on head size
Dean Ruck view portfolio
same as dan havel
Philip Ross view portfolio
Pure Culture
Live Fungus 18"x22"x32"
Arnold Kemp view portfolio
Graphite, ink wash and Flashe on canvas 69 x 69 inches
William O'Brien view portfolio
Cinaedus Table, MDCCLXXV
Glazed ceramic, found objects, plaster, unfired cl...
Soody Sharifi view portfolio
martyrdom detail
digital inkjet prints 36x40 inches
detail view of Marty...
Jason Lazarus view portfolio
please visit

for up to date images and info...
Aaron Parazette view portfolio
Kota Ezawa view portfolio
Leap into the Void
20" x 24"
J Hill view portfolio
Fireplace for small space
60" x 72" x 12" wood
Jang soon Im view portfolio
oil paint on canvas 72" x 60"
John Neff view portfolio
Cyanotype prints on paper, clear extruded acrylic, wood, mounting t...
John Q view portfolio
Memory Flash
public intervention
John Q's march through Atlanta during ...
Scott Hewicker view portfolio
The Delivery of Conflict
Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 24"
The Art Guys view portfolio
Forever Yours
bronze life size
Visit The Art Guys website for more infor...
Thomas Chang view portfolio
Tengwang Pavilion, Splendid China Theme Park, Orlando Florida
Chromogenic P...