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Jillian Conrad view portfolio
The old straight track
steel mesh, brass, thread 102" x 91" x 12"
Sigrid Sandstrom view portfolio
Acrylic on board 48x52"
Tony Tredway view portfolio
Installation, ultralight mdf, plastic laminate and plastic
Amy Ellingson view portfolio
Variation (red, blue, green, black)
Oil and encaustic on panel. 36” x 100” ...
Paola Cabal view portfolio
Hank Willis Thomas view portfolio
Now that's funny!
Digital C-print 60 x 40
Andy Cox view portfolio
Das Vegetal in the Pits for a Tire Change
Bill Fontana view portfolio
Speeds of Time
18 March, 10.00 ˆ 22.00
Fahamu Pecou view portfolio
Do Ur Chain Hang Lo c2008
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 72x54 inches
Lynne McCabe view portfolio
Kara Maria view portfolio
Cloud Nine
acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 inches
Stanya Kahn view portfolio
Video still from untitled work in progress, 2013
HD video with sound
Larry Walker view portfolio
Emergence I
Acrylic-collage over Lithograph 22 x 15 inches
Joe Baldwin view portfolio
Owl with Shadow
50" x 40"
Desirée Holman view portfolio
Sophont in Action (from the Sopont series)
Live Performance 6/27/14 ...
Surendra Lawoti view portfolio
Shelter 22
Archival Inkjet Print 40" x 50"
Nestor Topchy view portfolio
"Sixness-Eiightness" Pysanka Table/Painting/Sculpture.
Enamel on wood and...
Lise Swenson view portfolio
Mission Movie
Joseph Wooten view portfolio
Jane Marsching view portfolio
Marsh Radio Island Salt Marsh Flotants
plastic bottles, jute, burlap, old s...
El Franco Lee II view portfolio
King Johnny
Acrylic on Canvas
Soody Sharifi view portfolio
martyrdom detail
digital inkjet prints 36x40 inches
detail view of Marty...
Wesley Heiss view portfolio
steel, rusted car, paint, motor, electronics, dining room chairs varia...
Mads Lynnerup view portfolio
Take-out boxes
Tom Denlinger view portfolio
Coyote Family Values
archival inkjt from analog 54
Julia Oldham view portfolio
Mud Lair
Mud Lair, completed in collaboration with stop motion an...
Lauren Kelley view portfolio
Still from Get the Bones from 88 Jones
Singel chanel video 6 min. 26 sec.
Steve Reber view portfolio
Fast Pack/IcePack/The Narrows
Ply wood, MDF, plaster, burlap, plastic lamin...
Juan Chavez view portfolio
found materials 10ft Diameter x 30 ft D
Jason Kofke view portfolio
Everything Will Be OK, 5000
ink in Mead Composition Book 7.25
Nick Brown view portfolio
Oil on Canvas 96"x 72"x 23.5"
Heather Mekkelson view portfolio
Antenna with Belts (detail)
Aluminum and steel antenna, enamel, vintage bel...
Weston Teruya view portfolio
From a land of low-lying clouds (18+18)
spraypaint & drawing media on paper...
Kota Ezawa view portfolio
Leap into the Void
20" x 24"
Darrel Morris view portfolio
embroidery & applique 8.75" x 12.75"
Zach Moser view portfolio
Document of Beat Shop, 2005