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Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger view portfolio
Joe Zane view portfolio
Forgers (installation view)
oil on canvas variable
Paul Dickinson view portfolio
Music for Worms and Compost
Wooden crates, transformer, stereo speakers, wo...
Jeanne Friscia view portfolio
Untitled (Marnie's Mac)
ambrotype 10 x 8 in.
Helen Mirra view portfolio
Map lichen
rock with lichen and casein paint, cotton 12 x 24 x 41cm
Jim Goldberg view portfolio
14 year old trafficked girl
6 6/8"x4 1/4"
Stephen Lapthisophon view portfolio
Wooden Donkey
53.5" x 31"
Bill Fontana view portfolio
Speeds of Time
18 March, 10.00 22.00
Paola Cabal view portfolio
Allison Wiese view portfolio
We All Have to Swim in the Same Water
arrow signs and professional stunt si...
Julia Fish view portfolio
Living Rooms: North - Two, with lights, action
Oil on canvas 32.5 x 23.75 i...
John Q view portfolio
Memory Flash
public intervention
John Q's march through Atlanta during ...
Lauren Kelley view portfolio
Still from Get the Bones from 88 Jones
Singel chanel video 6 min. 26 sec.
Andy Cox view portfolio
Das Vegetal in the Pits for a Tire Change
Jason Villegas view portfolio
Black Lacoste Soft Tank
faux fur, clothing, silkscreen cardboard 26" x 36...
Daniel Fabian view portfolio
Cosmic Background Radiation
ink on paper
Mads Lynnerup view portfolio
Take-out boxes
Rachel Cook view portfolio
Dancing with Myself
Performance in conjunction with i just want to feel so...
Weston Teruya view portfolio
From a land of low-lying clouds (18+18)
spraypaint & drawing media on paper...
Chris Sollars view portfolio
C-print 20" x 26" each
Self Portrait triptych with varyi...
Gaylen Gerber view portfolio
16 1/2" x 39 1/2"
Will Michels view portfolio
Chris Scavone - Bust
Salted Paper Photograph 12 x 12
Rotem Balva view portfolio
840" x 360" x 5"
Mequitta Ahuja view portfolio
60"X50" Oil on Canvas
Bernard Williams view portfolio
Buffalo Chart, shown at Slate Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2009
painted wood cut-o...
Ambreen Butt view portfolio
From the series Dirty pretty
silk screen, etching and lithograph 17 1/4 X 1...
Demetrius Oliver view portfolio
Coyote Snare
27.5" x 36"
Nestor Topchy view portfolio
"Sixness-Eiightness" Pysanka Table/Painting/Sculpture.
Enamel on wood and...
Dan Gunn view portfolio
Cascade scales
Dye and polyurethane on plywood with nylon cord. 84 x 56 in...
Julia Oldham view portfolio
Mud Lair
Mud Lair, completed in collaboration with stop motion an...
Scott Short view portfolio
Untitled (yellow)
19" x 19"
Guy Overfelt view portfolio
untitled (trans am : stage I)
inflatable nylon and electric blowers (photo ...
Jim Duignan view portfolio
public podium (6018N)
scavenged woods
This piece (two sides shown) was ...
Rachel Neubauer view portfolio
Untitled Frequency
4" x 8" x 7"
Larry Walker view portfolio
Emergence I
Acrylic-collage over Lithograph 22 x 15 inches
Sarah Hobbs view portfolio
Until I See Something Good
chromogenic print 48" x 60"