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Karen Reimer view portfolio
Endless Set, #23 and #29
piecing and applique on white cotton pillowcase 30...
Clare Rojas view portfolio
Installation view, Deitch Projects
Martha Schlitt view portfolio
Firmament: Mount Shasta
ink, latex paint on wood panel 10x22
Temporary Services view portfolio
Prisoner's Inventions: Recreated Prison Cell
Wood, metal, paint Approx. 8...
Jillian Conrad view portfolio
The old straight track
steel mesh, brass, thread 102" x 91" x 12"
Lynne McCabe view portfolio
Joe Baldwin view portfolio
Owl with Shadow
50" x 40"
Mads Lynnerup view portfolio
Take-out boxes
Guy Overfelt view portfolio
untitled (trans am : stage I)
inflatable nylon and electric blowers (photo ...
Louise LeBourgeois view portfolio
Water (289)
11 x 17
Scott Hewicker view portfolio
The Delivery of Conflict
Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 24"
Amy Franceschini view portfolio
nwater Harvester / Greywater System Feedback loop
Wood, metal, string varia...
Surendra Lawoti view portfolio
Shelter 22
Archival Inkjet Print 40" x 50"
Nick Brown view portfolio
Oil on Canvas 96"x 72"x 23.5"
Jang soon Im view portfolio
oil paint on canvas 72" x 60"
Dawolu Anderson view portfolio
Seoul on Ice
Latex, acrylic and ink on paper 48
Christine Tarkowski view portfolio
Imitatio Dei
concrete, wood, glass, lightbulbs 12'h x 20'w
Museum of Con...
Jim Duignan view portfolio
public podium (6018N)
scavenged woods
This piece (two sides shown) was ...
Angela West view portfolio
Familiar Lanscape #1
cibachrome photograph 60x50
Darrel Morris view portfolio
embroidery & applique 8.75" x 12.75"
Barry McGee view portfolio
gouache and latex on panels 45 1/2 x 66
Leslie Shows view portfolio
Face B2
Plexiglass, ink, mylar, silver schist, engraving on aluminum 48
James Gobel view portfolio
Don't Go to Worry You're Locked in Tight Darling
Felt, yarn and acrylic o...
J Hill view portfolio
Fireplace for small space
60" x 72" x 12" wood
Cherie Raciti view portfolio
Open: Green/Pink #1
12" x 6 1/4"
Philip Ross view portfolio
Pure Culture
Live Fungus 18"x22"x32"
Kenneth Fandell view portfolio
Part 1
collaged color photograph / archival ink on paper 40" x 40"
Joe Zane view portfolio
Forgers (installation view)
oil on canvas variable
Brian Kapernekas view portfolio
acrylic, paper, bamboo on wood 22"x22"
Jessica Snow view portfolio
World Without End
34 1/4" x 34 1/4"
Richard T. Walker view portfolio
let htis be us
single channel video installation 7min 44sec
Frederick Hayes view portfolio
A Pregnant Moment
Wood, tin, metal, plastic, screws, nails, paint, 63 x 2...
Hank Willis Thomas view portfolio
Now that's funny!
Digital C-print 60 x 40
Demetrius Oliver view portfolio
Coyote Snare
27.5" x 36"
Jeanne Friscia view portfolio
Untitled (Marnie's Mac)
ambrotype 10 x 8 in.
Allison Smith view portfolio
SMITHS: Fancy Work
screen-printed linen 27x27 feet