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Caroline Gundersdorf view portfolio
Looking for a Meteor (Citron version)
Color pencil and watercolor on paper ...
Jeanne Friscia view portfolio
Untitled (Marnie's Mac)
ambrotype 10 x 8 in.
Kim Piotrowski view portfolio
Arm in Arm in Arm
mixed media on synthetic paper 60" x 76"
Howie Cherman view portfolio
vacuuming the vacuum
Color with sound, DVD loop of 7:38 piece (Video docum...
Trenton Hancock view portfolio
Cult Jam
Mixed media on canvas 50" x 50"
Accra Shepp view portfolio
Looking toward LaGuardia Airport
ink jet print 120 x 24 (inches)
Soody Sharifi view portfolio
martyrdom detail
digital inkjet prints 36x40 inches
detail view of Marty...
Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger view portfolio
Joe Zane view portfolio
Forgers (installation view)
oil on canvas variable
Andreas Fischer view portfolio
Sunday Best
oil 12" x 9"
Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher view portfolio
Cliff Hanger

John Priola view portfolio
27.5" x 21" framed
Anne Wilson view portfolio
Portable City
Wire, thread, pins 47 variable sized vitrines
Michael Arcega view portfolio
Tanks A lot
Dimensions vary per installation
Surendra Lawoti view portfolio
Shelter 22
Archival Inkjet Print 40" x 50"
Rebeca Bollinger view portfolio
exhibition view
Rachel Cook view portfolio
Dancing with Myself
Performance in conjunction with i just want to feel so...
Lisa Lindvay view portfolio
Hot N' Ready
Inkjet Print 40"x32"
Tony Tredway view portfolio
Installation, ultralight mdf, plastic laminate and plastic
Julio Cesar Morales view portfolio
Dilo! Re-mix Project
Steven Elliott view portfolio
As I dreamed of Home (detail)
Woodburnt found illustration on wood panel i...
El Franco Lee II view portfolio
King Johnny
Acrylic on Canvas
Lynne McCabe view portfolio
Hank Willis Thomas view portfolio
Now that's funny!
Digital C-print 60 x 40
Jillian Conrad view portfolio
The old straight track
steel mesh, brass, thread 102" x 91" x 12"
Felipe Dulzaides view portfolio
Flag my height
Neon 174 x 87cm
Benjamin Stone view portfolio
Michael McKean view portfolio
The Religion, detail
wood, paint, resin, stainless steel, lights, dirt, cem...
Gisela Insuaste view portfolio
haciendo marcas
latex acrylic on wood variable
Nigel Poor view portfolio
Madame Bovary
inkjet print 24 x 20"
Single image from a series working w...
John Q view portfolio
Memory Flash
public intervention
John Q's march through Atlanta during ...
Heidi Zumbrun view portfolio
Untitled II (White Series)
Chromogenic print 30"x40" approx.
John Neff view portfolio
Cyanotype prints on paper, clear extruded acrylic, wood, mounting t...
Christine Tarkowski view portfolio
Imitatio Dei
concrete, wood, glass, lightbulbs 12'h x 20'w
Museum of Con...
Mary Ellen Strom view portfolio
Sloss, Kerr, Rosenberg & Moore
HD Video, 4:30 variable
Barry McGee view portfolio
gouache and latex on panels 45 1/2 x 66