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Tirtza Even view portfolio
Natural Life
Video installation
Caleb Cole view portfolio
The Pink Kitchen
Archival Inkjet Print 13x19 inches
2008 from the serie...
Travis Somerville view portfolio
Choir Robe 1
Acrylic, found photograph on paper 31 x 26
Collection of SF...
Kathryn Spence view portfolio
Darrel Morris view portfolio
embroidery & applique 8.75" x 12.75"
Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier view portfolio
Agan for Morgan County
Fabric, wood, objects Appx. 96"
Robert Pruitt view portfolio
Hottentot Venus
Joseph Ives view portfolio
Column / Chair
Altered chair structure, custom made slip cover, wood, plast...
William O'Brien view portfolio
Cinaedus Table, MDCCLXXV
Glazed ceramic, found objects, plaster, unfired cl...
Ruth Dusseault view portfolio
Backlot view, Chicagoland
digital c-print 24 x 28
Play War: Homemade Rec...
Jason Villegas view portfolio
Black Lacoste Soft Tank
faux fur, clothing, silkscreen cardboard 26" x 36...
Tom Denlinger view portfolio
Coyote Family Values
archival inkjt from analog 54
Joseph Havel view portfolio
Drinks Are Boiling
Wire and fabric 36x24x20
Richard T. Walker view portfolio
let htis be us
single channel video installation 7min 44sec
Shaun O'Dell view portfolio
It Was a Calibration of the Glass of the Underground Sun and the Unfolding ...
D-L Alvarez view portfolio
graphite, ink, and collage on paper 22.5 x 18.75 inches
Amie Siegel view portfolio
High Definition, colour/sound 135 min.
Gisela Insuaste view portfolio
haciendo marcas
latex acrylic on wood variable
Josh Greene view portfolio
Sofie Calle's Bed
Full size bed, mattress, frame, linens, pillow, and comf...
Brian Kapernekas view portfolio
acrylic, paper, bamboo on wood 22"x22"
Julia Fish view portfolio
Living Rooms: North - Two, with lights, action
Oil on canvas 32.5 x 23.75 i...
Chris Sollars view portfolio
C-print 20" x 26" each
Self Portrait triptych with varyi...
Ambreen Butt view portfolio
From the series Dirty pretty
silk screen, etching and lithograph 17 1/4 X 1...
Rachel Neubauer view portfolio
Untitled Frequency
4" x 8" x 7"
Mads Lynnerup view portfolio
Take-out boxes
Karyn Olivier view portfolio
Doube Slide
Steel 84" x 25' x 22"
Dan Gunn view portfolio
Cascade scales
Dye and polyurethane on plywood with nylon cord. 84 x 56 in...
Soody Sharifi view portfolio
martyrdom detail
digital inkjet prints 36x40 inches
detail view of Marty...
El Franco Lee II view portfolio
King Johnny
Acrylic on Canvas
Carol Jackson view portfolio
Hank Willis Thomas view portfolio
Now that's funny!
Digital C-print 60 x 40
Samantha Bittman view portfolio
Quilt 4, view 2
Hand-made tiles (mdf and spraypaint) 56
Bernard Williams view portfolio
Buffalo Chart, shown at Slate Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2009
painted wood cut-o...
Amy Blakemore view portfolio
Chromogenic print, edition of 10 19 x 19 inches
Jason Lazarus view portfolio
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Allison Wiese view portfolio
We All Have to Swim in the Same Water
arrow signs and professional stunt si...