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Mary Button Durell view portfolio
Tracing paper, wheat paste 48' x 42' x 108'
Victor Cartegena view portfolio
tatuajes de la memoria
fotografia/installation / and Broken Chair 11 x 18 ...
Felipe Dulzaides view portfolio
Flag my height
Neon 174 x 87cm
Xiaowei Chen view portfolio
9 Months and 10 days
ink on paper 20" * 30"
Fahamu Pecou view portfolio
Do Ur Chain Hang Lo c2008
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 72x54 inches
Tom Denlinger view portfolio
Coyote Family Values
archival inkjt from analog 54
Geoffrey Chadsey view portfolio
hotel room
watercolor pencil on mylar
Jason Lazarus view portfolio
please visit

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Adriane Colburn view portfolio
Amy Wilson Faville view portfolio
Magic Carpet Ride
graphite and collage on paper 30" x 40"
David Hevel view portfolio
Ooh Ooh Baby
artificial pumpkin, baboon taxidermy form and mixed media 73...
Dean Ruck view portfolio
same as dan havel
Ruth Dusseault view portfolio
Backlot view, Chicagoland
digital c-print 24 x 28
Play War: Homemade Rec...
The Art Guys view portfolio
Forever Yours
bronze life size
Visit The Art Guys website for more infor...
Weston Teruya view portfolio
From a land of low-lying clouds (18+18)
spraypaint & drawing media on paper...
Caleb Cole view portfolio
The Pink Kitchen
Archival Inkjet Print 13x19 inches
2008 from the serie...
Andy Cox view portfolio
Das Vegetal in the Pits for a Tire Change
Kristine Helen Brailey view portfolio
Baby Doll
Nestor Topchy view portfolio
"Sixness-Eiightness" Pysanka Table/Painting/Sculpture.
Enamel on wood and...
Joe Baldwin view portfolio
Owl with Shadow
50" x 40"
Kerry Tribe view portfolio
Critical Mass, Performance Still
Joseph Ives view portfolio
Column / Chair
Altered chair structure, custom made slip cover, wood, plast...
Moses Nornberg view portfolio
American Dream: We Like the Cars That Go BOOM!
Mixed media life size
Kenneth Fandell view portfolio
Part 1
collaged color photograph / archival ink on paper 40" x 40"
Lisa Lindvay view portfolio
Hot N' Ready
Inkjet Print 40"x32"
Scott Short view portfolio
Untitled (yellow)
19" x 19"
Paola Cabal view portfolio
Steve Reber view portfolio
Fast Pack/IcePack/The Narrows
Ply wood, MDF, plaster, burlap, plastic lamin...
Kara Maria view portfolio
Cloud Nine
acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 inches
J Hill view portfolio
Fireplace for small space
60" x 72" x 12" wood
Lauren Kelley view portfolio
Still from Get the Bones from 88 Jones
Singel chanel video 6 min. 26 sec.
Gerry Bergstein view portfolio
Theory and Practice
14x12x5" oill and mixed media
Thomas Chang view portfolio
Tengwang Pavilion, Splendid China Theme Park, Orlando Florida
Chromogenic P...
Karyn Olivier view portfolio
Doube Slide
Steel 84" x 25' x 22"
Richard T. Walker view portfolio
let htis be us
single channel video installation 7min 44sec
Bruno Fazzolari view portfolio
Install view of Lampblack exhibition at Gallery Paule Anglim
Fragrance, sce...