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Tony Tredway view portfolio
Installation, ultralight mdf, plastic laminate and plastic
Gerry Bergstein view portfolio
Theory and Practice
14x12x5" oill and mixed media
Theaster Gates view portfolio
Painted Acrylic Glass, Metal 3'x2'
Richard Rezac view portfolio
Untitled (07-10)
20 x 32.5 x 1" painted wood
Julia Oldham view portfolio
Mud Lair
Mud Lair, completed in collaboration with stop motion an...
Rachel Hecker view portfolio
Mon., Nov. 21
38" x 29"
A. Laurie Palmer view portfolio
The Helium Stockpile
hinged poplar blocks variable
The Helium Stockpile ...
Erika Hannes view portfolio
Data Storage
mixed media
Philip Ross view portfolio
Pure Culture
Live Fungus 18"x22"x32"
Steven Elliott view portfolio
As I dreamed of Home (detail)
Woodburnt found illustration on wood panel i...
Jonas Mayson view portfolio
Bernard Williams view portfolio
Buffalo Chart, shown at Slate Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2009
painted wood cut-o...
Jerry Siegel view portfolio
deer heads, Perry County, AL
Archival Ink Jet Print 40x15"
Michael McKean view portfolio
The Religion, detail
wood, paint, resin, stainless steel, lights, dirt, cem...
Karen Reimer view portfolio
Endless Set, #23 and #29
piecing and applique on white cotton pillowcase 30...
Bernie Lubell view portfolio
Cheek to Cheek
Pine, Hemlock, Maple, latex, copper and music wire 96 (min....
Tristan Al-Haddad view portfolio
PETG + Flourescent Light 10'x8'x12'
Center for Tactical Magic view portfolio
Tactical Ice Cream Unit (TICU)
ice cream, propaganda, democracy, hope, misc...
Bill Davenport view portfolio
Spiderman Mask
crocheted acrylic yarn variable, depending on head size
Joe Zane view portfolio
Forgers (installation view)
oil on canvas variable
Geoffrey Chadsey view portfolio
hotel room
watercolor pencil on mylar
Moses Nornberg view portfolio
American Dream: We Like the Cars That Go BOOM!
Mixed media life size
Jillian Conrad view portfolio
The old straight track
steel mesh, brass, thread 102" x 91" x 12"
John Bankston view portfolio
The Cast
Oil on linen 78 x 96
Martha Schlitt view portfolio
Firmament: Mount Shasta
ink, latex paint on wood panel 10x22
Paul Dickinson view portfolio
Music for Worms and Compost
Wooden crates, transformer, stereo speakers, wo...
Jeff Carter view portfolio
Some Assembly Required (Construction D)
Modified IKEA products (laminated M...
Hannah Barrett view portfolio
One Body Naturally Considered
oil and gold leaf on panel 19" x 13"
Delilah Montoya view portfolio
Piezograph 32x27
Anoka Faruqee view portfolio
Pour Painting (with Incised Grid) and Copy (Low Res)
33.75" x 30.75 each
JD Beltran view portfolio
Portrait of Renee (After Vermeer)
16 x 20
Augusto Di Stefano view portfolio
refuge with
graphite on paper 30 1/8 x 22 5/8 inches
Stephanie Syjuco view portfolio
Towards a New Color Reading Theory (El Dia/Houston Forward Times/Manila Hea...
Vincent Fecteau view portfolio
Mequitta Ahuja view portfolio
60"X50" Oil on Canvas
Aaron Parazette view portfolio