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Allison Wiese view portfolio
We All Have to Swim in the Same Water
arrow signs and professional stunt si...
Heidi Zumbrun view portfolio
Untitled II (White Series)
Chromogenic print 30"x40" approx.
Mequitta Ahuja view portfolio
60"X50" Oil on Canvas
Gyun Hur view portfolio
Spring Hiatus
Hand-shredded Silk Flowers 16 ft x 30 ft
Seth Mittag view portfolio
Darrel Morris view portfolio
embroidery & applique 8.75" x 12.75"
Demetrius Oliver view portfolio
Coyote Snare
27.5" x 36"
Tom Denlinger view portfolio
Coyote Family Values
archival inkjt from analog 54
Dianna Frid view portfolio
Dianna Frid Studio
Photographed by Tom VanEynde
October 2013

Anne Wilson view portfolio
Portable City
Wire, thread, pins 47 variable sized vitrines
Vaughn Elaine Sills view portfolio
Pearl Fryer's Garden, Bishopville, North Carolina
Ink Jet Print 17x22
Larry Walker view portfolio
Metamorphic Cliff Structure w/Spirit Elements
Mixed Materials (Drawing) 43"...
Joe Baldwin view portfolio
Owl with Shadow
50" x 40"
Michael Arcega view portfolio
Tanks A lot
Dimensions vary per installation
Robert Pruitt view portfolio
Hottentot Venus
Stephanie Syjuco view portfolio
Towards a New Color Reading Theory (El Dia/Houston Forward Times/Manila Hea...
Amy Franceschini view portfolio
nwater Harvester / Greywater System Feedback loop
Wood, metal, string varia...
Jim Goldberg view portfolio
14 year old trafficked girl
6 6/8"x4 1/4"
Brett Reichman view portfolio
Josh Greene view portfolio
Sofie Calle's Bed
Full size bed, mattress, frame, linens, pillow, and comf...
Liz Cohen view portfolio
50" x 60"
Travis Somerville view portfolio
Choir Robe 1
Acrylic, found photograph on paper 31 x 26
Collection of SF...
Mary Patten view portfolio
4 channel video installation, 4 silkscreen monoprints, wall drawing, ...
Steven Elliott view portfolio
As I dreamed of Home (detail)
Woodburnt found illustration on wood panel i...
Frederick Hayes view portfolio
City On Wheels (Side A)
wood, sheet metal, paint, nails, screws 23 x 13 x 2...
Richard Rezac view portfolio
Untitled (07-10)
20 x 32.5 x 1" painted wood
Stephen Tourlentes view portfolio
Alabama State Death House Prison, Admore AL
Archival Pigment print 20x24
Matthew Sontheimer view portfolio
A New Window
Mixed media 14 x 20 inches
Andreas Fischer view portfolio
Sunday Best
oil 12" x 9"
Accra Shepp view portfolio
Looking toward LaGuardia Airport
ink jet print 120 x 24 (inches)
Don Cooper view portfolio
Innerspace: Carbon
acrylic on synthetic paper 60 in. x 60 in.
William O'Brien view portfolio
Cinaedus Table, MDCCLXXV
Glazed ceramic, found objects, plaster, unfired cl...
Jason Kofke view portfolio
Everything Will Be OK, 5000
ink in Mead Composition Book 7.25
Caleb Cole view portfolio
The Pink Kitchen
Archival Inkjet Print 13x19 inches
2008 from the serie...
Bruno Fazzolari view portfolio
Install view of Lampblack exhibition at Gallery Paule Anglim
Fragrance, sce...
El Franco Lee II view portfolio
King Johnny
Acrylic on Canvas