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Mary Button Durell view portfolio
Tracing paper, wheat paste 48' x 42' x 108'
John Bankston view portfolio
The Cast
Oil on linen 78 x 96
Gilad Efrat view portfolio
Ansaar VII
Oil on canvas 58x58 inches
Tristan Al-Haddad view portfolio
PETG + Flourescent Light 10'x8'x12'
Geoffrey Chadsey view portfolio
hotel room
watercolor pencil on mylar
Philip Ross view portfolio
Pure Culture
Live Fungus 18"x22"x32"
Liz Cohen view portfolio
50" x 60"
Heather Mekkelson view portfolio
Antenna with Belts (detail)
Aluminum and steel antenna, enamel, vintage bel...
Caleb Cole view portfolio
The Pink Kitchen
Archival Inkjet Print 13x19 inches
2008 from the serie...
John Priola view portfolio
27.5" x 21" framed
Heidi Zumbrun view portfolio
Untitled II (White Series)
Chromogenic print 30"x40" approx.
Don Cooper view portfolio
Innerspace: Carbon
acrylic on synthetic paper 60 in. x 60 in.
Barry McGee view portfolio
gouache and latex on panels 45 1/2 x 66
Ramekon O'Arwisters view portfolio
Tapestry Installation: The Trinty
fabric, ceramic, glass, metal 84"H x 84...
Guy Overfelt view portfolio
untitled (trans am : stage I)
inflatable nylon and electric blowers (photo ...
Karyn Olivier view portfolio
Doube Slide
Steel 84" x 25' x 22"
Joe Zane view portfolio
Forgers (installation view)
oil on canvas variable
Julio Cesar Morales view portfolio
Dilo! Re-mix Project
Eamon Ore-Giron view portfolio
Ahora Me Voy De Aqui
flasche on linen 75" x 66"
Stephen Lapthisophon view portfolio
Wooden Donkey
53.5" x 31"
Matthew Sontheimer view portfolio
A New Window
Mixed media 14 x 20 inches
Surendra Lawoti view portfolio
Shelter 22
Archival Inkjet Print 40" x 50"
Carol Jackson view portfolio
Daniel Fabian view portfolio
Cosmic Background Radiation
ink on paper
John Arndt view portfolio
Empire at Gallery 400
salt on typewriter, photos, found target partial inst...
Melanie Schiff view portfolio
Underwater Photographer
The Art Guys view portfolio
Forever Yours
bronze life size
Visit The Art Guys website for more infor...
Cecil McDonald, Jr. view portfolio
afternoon picnic (she's sometimes embarrassed by me)
archival ink jet prin...
Robyn O'Neil view portfolio
A Birth in Grief and Ashes
Graphite on paper 76 1/2 x 144 inches
Ambreen Butt view portfolio
From the series Dirty pretty
silk screen, etching and lithograph 17 1/4 X 1...
Rachel Hecker view portfolio
Mon., Nov. 21
38" x 29"
Stephanie Syjuco view portfolio
Towards a New Color Reading Theory (El Dia/Houston Forward Times/Manila Hea...
Eileen Maxson view portfolio
Idioms of Distress
VHS tapes Vary
Jim Goldberg view portfolio
14 year old trafficked girl
6 6/8"x4 1/4"
Gerry Bergstein view portfolio
Theory and Practice
14x12x5" oill and mixed media
Caroline Gundersdorf view portfolio
Looking for a Meteor (Citron version)
Color pencil and watercolor on paper ...