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Paul Dickinson view portfolio
Music for Worms and Compost
Wooden crates, transformer, stereo speakers, wo...
Robert Davis Michael Langlois view portfolio
La Petite Morte
Bronze on painted floor vary
Installation view at the An...
Joseph Havel view portfolio
Drinks Are Boiling
Wire and fabric 36x24x20
Gyun Hur view portfolio
Spring Hiatus
Hand-shredded Silk Flowers 16 ft x 30 ft
Rocio Rodriguez view portfolio
Off The Wall
72 x 82.5
Barry McGee view portfolio
gouache and latex on panels 45 1/2 x 66
Lauren Kelley view portfolio
Still from Get the Bones from 88 Jones
Singel chanel video 6 min. 26 sec.
Bill Davenport view portfolio
Spiderman Mask
crocheted acrylic yarn variable, depending on head size
Tom Denlinger view portfolio
Coyote Family Values
archival inkjt from analog 54
John Arndt view portfolio
Empire at Gallery 400
salt on typewriter, photos, found target partial inst...
Kathryn Spence view portfolio
Seth Mittag view portfolio
Trevor Paglen view portfolio
Tail Numbers/Gold Coast Terminal, Las Vegas, NV/Distance ~1 mile/5:27 pm
Jane Marsching view portfolio
Marsh Radio Island Salt Marsh Flotants
plastic bottles, jute, burlap, old s...
Karyn Olivier view portfolio
Doube Slide
Steel 84" x 25' x 22"
Benji Whalen view portfolio
The Good with the Bad
Polymer clay, aluminum 21 inches x 18 inches x 12 inc...
Fahamu Pecou view portfolio
Do Ur Chain Hang Lo c2008
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 72x54 inches
Michael McKean view portfolio
The Religion, detail
wood, paint, resin, stainless steel, lights, dirt, cem...
Angelina Gualdoni view portfolio
Mise En Scene
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 20"
Deva Graf view portfolio
MIrror Photocopy
18x24 photocopy
Steve Reber view portfolio
Fast Pack/IcePack/The Narrows
Ply wood, MDF, plaster, burlap, plastic lamin...
Gerry Bergstein view portfolio
Theory and Practice
14x12x5" oill and mixed media
John Q view portfolio
Memory Flash
public intervention
John Q's march through Atlanta during ...
Martha Schlitt view portfolio
Firmament: Mount Shasta
ink, latex paint on wood panel 10x22
Michael Arcega view portfolio
Tanks A lot
Dimensions vary per installation
Katy Fischer view portfolio
Gray Form
glazed stoneware and porcelain ceramics 9in x 6in x 2in
Don Cooper view portfolio
Innerspace: Carbon
acrylic on synthetic paper 60 in. x 60 in.
Mary Button Durell view portfolio
Tracing paper, wheat paste 48' x 42' x 108'
Nathaniel Donnett view portfolio
How To Get Rich On A Shoestring Budget
56 x 51 inches plastic bags, shoestrings on paper bags
Weston Teruya view portfolio
From a land of low-lying clouds (18+18)
spraypaint & drawing media on paper...
Alice Shaw view portfolio
Opposite #1
Nelson Gold Toned Gelatin Silver Print 8 x 10
Brent Steen view portfolio
Pencil on gessoed panel
Nigel Poor view portfolio
Madame Bovary
inkjet print 24 x 20"
Single image from a series working w...
Paola Cabal view portfolio
Samantha Bittman view portfolio
Quilt 4, view 2
Hand-made tiles (mdf and spraypaint) 56
Dawolu Anderson view portfolio
Seoul on Ice
Latex, acrylic and ink on paper 48