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Demetrius Oliver view portfolio
Coyote Snare
27.5" x 36"
Mary Patten view portfolio
4 channel video installation, 4 silkscreen monoprints, wall drawing, ...
Geoffrey Chadsey view portfolio
hotel room
watercolor pencil on mylar
Jim Duignan view portfolio
public podium (6018N)
scavenged woods
This piece (two sides shown) was ...
Stephen Lapthisophon view portfolio
Wooden Donkey
53.5" x 31"
Augusto Di Stefano view portfolio
refuge with
graphite on paper 30 1/8 x 22 5/8 inches
Benji Whalen view portfolio
The Good with the Bad
Polymer clay, aluminum 21 inches x 18 inches x 12 inc...
Desirée Holman view portfolio
Sophont in Action (from the Sopont series)
Live Performance 6/27/14 ...
Vaughn Elaine Sills view portfolio
Pearl Fryer's Garden, Bishopville, North Carolina
Ink Jet Print 17x22
Jang soon Im view portfolio
oil paint on canvas 72" x 60"
Bernie Lubell view portfolio
Cheek to Cheek
Pine, Hemlock, Maple, latex, copper and music wire 96” (min....
Xiaowei Chen view portfolio
9 Months and 10 days
ink on paper 20" * 30"
Dan Gunn view portfolio
Cascade scales
Dye and polyurethane on plywood with nylon cord. 84 x 56 in...
Joseph Grigely view portfolio
We're Drunken Bantering About What's Important in Life
ink and pencil on ...
Michael Piazza view portfolio
Jason Villegas view portfolio
Black Lacoste Soft Tank
faux fur, clothing, silkscreen cardboard 26" x 36...
Amy Blakemore view portfolio
Chromogenic print, edition of 10 19 x 19 inches
Gyun Hur view portfolio
Spring Hiatus
Hand-shredded Silk Flowers 16 ft x 30 ft
Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger view portfolio
Joseph Havel view portfolio
Drinks Are Boiling
Wire and fabric 36x24x20
Delilah Montoya view portfolio
Piezograph 32x27
Tom Denlinger view portfolio
Coyote Family Values
archival inkjt from analog 54
D-L Alvarez view portfolio
graphite, ink, and collage on paper 22.5 x 18.75 inches
Allison Smith view portfolio
SMITHS: Fancy Work
screen-printed linen 27x27 feet
Philip Ross view portfolio
Pure Culture
Live Fungus 18"x22"x32"
Brian Kapernekas view portfolio
acrylic, paper, bamboo on wood 22"x22"
Kenneth Fandell view portfolio
Part 1
collaged color photograph / archival ink on paper 40" x 40"
Jillian Conrad view portfolio
The old straight track
steel mesh, brass, thread 102" x 91" x 12"
Juan Chavez view portfolio
found materials 10ft Diameter x 30 ft D
Chris Sollars view portfolio
C-print 20" x 26" each
Self Portrait triptych with varyi...
Jerry Siegel view portfolio
deer heads, Perry County, AL
Archival Ink Jet Print 40x15"
Santiago Cucullu view portfolio
Skins Stikes and Stones
adhesive vinyl variable
Sergio De La Torre view portfolio
(Don Bergfors) Waiting for Gabriel Orozco, San Diego Airport, from the seri...
Enrique Chagoya view portfolio
Untitled 24.21
60" x 60"
Nathaniel Donnett view portfolio
How To Get Rich On A Shoestring Budget
56 x 51 inches plastic bags, shoestrings on paper bags
Jamal Cyrus view portfolio
Africanismus # 120469
30" x 18"